About Us

Scotland Can Do:

A national vision & approach to accelerating entrepreneurship and innovation.

Launched in 2013 by the Scottish Government, and co-created by Partners across the public, private and third sectors, Scotland Can Do is national endeavour to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation. It is founded on the recognition that if we are to achieve sustainable economic growth and create opportunities for everyone to flourish, then we must work together to tackle our biggest challenges.

Scotland has always been a Can Do nation

We are rightly proud of our rich heritage and the impact that our people have made, and continue to make, to shape the modern world.

But we’re ambitious and impatient to do more. Nationally and internationally.

Today, a new spirit of entrepreneurship can be seen throughout Scotland and there is a real desire to effect positive change across all parts of our society, economy and environment, using business as a force for good.

Scotland Can Do is inspired by a Collective Impact methodology and evolved from research undertaken at MIT Sloan School of Management. We are bringing people together, in a structured way, to address complex problems and create transformational change for Scotland.

Our Vision:

To build a world-leading entrepreneurial, innovative and creative society

The organisations who partner with us are united around this shared vision and collaborate to provide start ups, spin outs, scale ups, and individuals at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey, with world class support. These partners are also known as the Can Do Collective.

Scotland Can Do is a catalyst in the creation of entrepreneurial mindset and culture. This manifests through a diverse ecosystem that covers everything from Schooling to Scaling. And an ethos that celebrates the value of entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours in every area of life.

Our Principles

In driving forward entrepreneurship and innovation, we believe:

The ambition, drive and leadership of individuals is crucial and must be nurtured and developed within school and beyond.

An entrepreneurial mindset can be learned and a culture that supports it created.

Entrepreneurial and innovative companies are found across all business sectors.

It is the potential to create value and accelerate
that is important.

A range of business models are important, including employee ownership, co-operatives
and social enterprises.

There should be greater inclusion and involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation
across society.

Intrapreneurship is crucial to companies
wishing to keep their competitive edge in a global market.

Design, design-thinking and creativity are part of an innovative approach.

Increasing collaboration within and beyond Scotland, and involving the public, private and
third sectors working together, is key to success.

The public sector has an important role in creating a supportive business environment for
entrepreneurship and innovation.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. It is essential therefore to remember to pay it forward when we encounter success.

Provide Support

Scotland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is constantly growing and evolving. If you’re playing your part and have a remit in enterprise and innovation and would like to feature in the Scotland Can Do Support Directory, we’d love to hear from you.

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