The Scotland CAN DO movement has the passion to increase entrepreneurship and innovation among individuals and businesses in Scotland, by inspiring more people from all walks of life to create, lead and grow successful businesses. The organisations who have been leading the Scotland CAN DO movement are committed to exploring the most effective way to link individuals and organisations to Scotland’s rich ecosystem of support for entrepreneurship and innovation. The underlying methodology of our approach is the collective impact model.

This redesigned website, and it’s integrated ecosystem directory, is a key stepping stone in the CAN DO journey.

This website is a live, iterative project, which is mindful of wider efforts to streamline access to publicly funded support for business in Scotland. We strongly welcome your feedback to help ensure that this resource is as useful as it can be. Please click the envelop to share your feedback or make an enquiry.


We are a nation rightly proud of our rich heritage of entrepreneurs, innovators and creative people. Indeed, some have even argued that “Scots invented the modern world”, but alongside our nation’s inventiveness, we also celebrate a proud heritage of philanthropy, of business carried out for good, and a determination to give something back to the rich culture that created us.


In driving forward entrepreneurship and innovation, we believe that….

The ambition, drive and leadership of individuals is crucial and must be nurtured and developed within school and beyond.

An entrepreneurial mindset can be learned and a culture that supports it created.

Entrepreneurial and innovative companies are found across all business sectors.

range of business models are important, including employee ownership, co-operatives and social enterprises.

There should be greater inclusion and involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation across society.

Internal entrepreneurship and innovation – intrapreneurship – is crucial to companies wishing to keep their competitive edge in a global market.

Design, design-thinking and creativity are part of an innovative approach.

Increasing collaboration within and beyond Scotland, and involving the public, private and third sectors working together, is key to success.

The public sector has an important role in creating a supportive business environment for entrepreneurship and innovation; in being a role model for innovation; through novel approaches to procurement; and in seeking to stimulate both innovation and market demand.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.  It is essential therefore to remember to pay it forward when we encounter success.


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