Meet Emma Perfect, CEO, Lux Assure Ltd.

LUX Assure is a UK-based company which delivers on-site chemical monitoring technologies to the oil and gas industry. Our innovative technologies provide operators with unique solutions for monitoring difficult to detect chemicals which are widely used across the industry, providing critical information to support key management decisions. We aim to help clients achieve enhanced long-term asset integrity management through optimising the dosage of corrosion inhibitors, and to achieve time and cost savings through accurate, on-site analysis of monoethylene glycol (MEG) and methanol in oil field fluids. 

Emma Perfect, CEO of LUX Assure. I am responsible for setting company vision and strategy and ensuring it is achieved on time and within budget. I also strive to fully motivate my team by ensuring there are opportunities for continual personal development within their own roles. I aim to create a happy and challenging working environment for all staff. 

Innovation is key for small business, adapting to customer demands and market needs in a proactive and dynamic way allows us to grow and differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market. At LUX, we actively encourage innovative thinking by our staff which has led to improvements across the company, from more efficient everyday processes to the invention of new products. The focus on innovation is key at LUX and allows us to recruit and retain an excellent team – people know that if they come up with a good idea then there is a high chance they will see it implemented. 

We are a small company in a huge industry and are working with some very big clients so of course we have to innovate and deliver an excellent product, we must adapt to keep up with industry leaders. We received some very useful feedback about previous versions of our CoMicTM technology which we wanted to improve upon. Thus, our clients told us they wanted a smaller and more user-friendly tools which delivered results immediately on-site. We were determined to be the company that filled this market opportunity and being agile and innovative allowed us to do so. 

A major highlight for LUX would have to be the launch of our CoMicTM technology, it was a long and challenging process from proof of concept all the way through to commercialisation and to see our product helping clients all over the world really is a reward in itself. Another business highlight would have to be when a major operator shut down production to best protect their asset, because of an issue within their system that our technology had identified. They made a huge decision based on their trust in our product, which was very rewarding. 

We would be absolutely delighted if we won this award. Over the years we have worked extremely hard to overcome chemical monitoring challenges facing the industry. We have had great support from collaborators, experts, mentors many of whom are based in Scotland. I am proud of our team and wider collaborators, and it would be an honour for their efforts to be recognised. Such things, make all the setbacks and challenges faced worth it! 

LinkedIn – LUX Assure Ltd Twitter – @LUXAssure 


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