Meet Rachel Jones, CEO SnapDragon

SnapDragon is an online brand protection company dedicated to fighting fakes online. Using clients’ IP rights and backed by AI-driven technology, SnapDragon’s pioneering software Swoop monitors the world’s busiest online marketplaces for copycat goods, identifying suspect infringements for removal. A flexible solution, SnapDragon can support businesses at a variety of levels dependent on need and budget, from self-service to fully managed. Whatever the size or scale of the issue, SnapDragon’s multilingual team of brand analysts ensure that counterfeiters can be defeated, protecting innovators, businesses and customers alike. 

As Head Dragon, I am the Founder and CEO. My role is about ensuring we continue to deliver outstanding results with state of the art software, and that our team of international experts is happy, motivated and having fun along the way – all while making a profit. Our vision is to be the go-to online brand protection software for SMEs, with the mission of dramatically reducing the number of counterfeits goods sold online, keeping customers, brands and revenues safe. 

In the online world, change is constant. In online brand protection this is, of course, also true meaning the software, and the team, need to be constantly on the lookout for changes to processes and online rules of engagement. Software development is an iterative process and while the AI learns every day, we too must often think of new and creative ways to protect our clients, their intellectual property and their brands online. Innovation is continually updating the way that we work to ensure that we deliver the best service possible, and solve potential problems before they can occur. 

SnapDragon morphed from the very practical experiences I had protecting my own baby product online when it was counterfeited. Over time, innovation has meant manual processes have been replaced by bespoke, sophisticated, intelligent algorithms which now monitor online platforms for incidences of intellectual property infringement. The purpose of developing and delivering bespoke software is so that it may be used by brands anywhere in the world: an affordable, effective, accessible system protecting brands, revenues and customers. 

There have been many many great moments in this journey, not least delighted clients whom believe our work has saved their business and contributes to their daily success, and that what we deliver, every day, is above and beyond what they expect. Personally, cycling round the Alibaba campus on a tandem with my colleague Jet is a definite highlight, as is realising the team I have built has generated friendships where spending time together outside work is a happy norm.

I would love to win the award to prove three things: Firstly that brands, notably SMEs, can fight back against fakes in an affordable effective way, protecting customers, revenues and reputation. This is a game changer from when I first encountered counterfeits – it was do nothing or pay £50,000 up front. There had to be an alternative. SnapDragon is now it. Secondly, I am proof that going into tech, when 50+, and as a woman, is empowering. As is raising VC money, building a fabulous team, developing innovative software and delivering outstanding results, internationally. Thirdly, Scotland is a great place to do both. 

Twitter: @snapdragon_ip Facebook: @snapdragonip 


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