Q&A with Andy Simpson, Managing Director of Angus 3D Solutions

Angus 3D Solutions Ltd is already one of the leading additive manufacturing companies in Scotland and works with inventors, designers, SMEs, global companies and anyone who wants to explore the benefits Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) can bring to their business – by reducing time-to-market, mitigating risk and saving costs on reverse-engineering, design, rapid prototype and production requirements by using both Additive Manufacturing and traditional manufacturing technology. Angus 3D Solutions Ltd is the first company in the UK to make the latest 3D metal printing technology – (ADAM) Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing – available to the market via the Markforged Metal-X machine. 

My role is founder and Managing Director of Angus 3D Solutions Ltd. Scotland has an impressive engineering & manufacturing history. So, part of my role is to help continue this historical journey. I believe to maintain and further develop this reputation we must embrace the latest manufacturing technology, invest in the circular economy and encourage the next generation to look at engineering & manufacturing as a career choice. 

Innovation is the bases of our business. Our objective is not only for us to be an innovative company, but through the services and the technologies we offer is to allow other companies to be innovative too. Our customers have the opportunity to adopt new technology and therefore it allows them to also be innovative in their industries. By doing this it allows Scottish companies to be competitive in their markets and this will contribute to the Scottish economy. Additive Manufacturing shouldn’t only be available for F1, aerospace, automotive and medical industries, it should be available to all industries.  

In a previous role, I was responsible for manufacturing in several countries and experienced first-hand how these countries were adopting innovative technologies. I also saw how Scotland was starting to fall behind in this area. Therefore, I saw an opportunity to change this by setting up a company where innovate was to be its key focus and making the latest technology available to others to aid them in their manufacturing journey. This is further complemented with my many years of manufacturing experience, which I’m happy to share with others where possible.   

My favourite moment on my business journey so far was the day I resigned from a large corporation to start my own business. I was managing 6 manufacturing facilities around the world with an annual turnover of over $250m. However, I couldn’t run the businesses in the manner I would have liked to ensure employees and customers were treated fairly and the ability to introduce new technology. So, by resigning and setting up my own business I have gained control of these issues and my destiny. Another favourite moment is when you get recognition from peers on what you are doing. 

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